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Gina Thorpe yeahhhhh.. Last week I played and won OPPO F9 Pro 📱 and guess what?? Today I've received my phone. I am loving it. 💚

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Craig Harrison I got the bagpack.. Thanks Thankssss.. This is the best day ever ⛽️ ..

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Nick Starkey Amazing game. Just found it. Hope I will win. EDIT: I got nothing 💔

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Rory Walsh I don't have many friends on my whatsapp 😢

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Arthur MalaFama Somandla Mzk, Yes I got my gift from this website. 💪

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Somandla Mzk Has anyone actually won yet? I spin 2 times from different phone from different accounts and i won 2 times oppo phone

41 minutes ago Like

Daniel Young Ohhhhh yes I won 🙏 ...

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Subhalaxmi Panda I got nothing.. why am I always so unlucky 😒

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Sarah Dyer Why im not winning..? plz help

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Tara Dinneen nice game..

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Amber Beaty Which courier company will deliver my parcel 🎁 ?

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Katrina Alvarez Not fake.. my friend got smartwatch from this contest..

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Your have won OPPO F9 Pro (Starry Purple, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage). We've only 13 OPPO F9 Pro left for this week. Follow the instructions below in order to claim your OPPO F9 Pro.


Tell 5 Groups or 5 Friends on WhatsApp about the "Big Billion Days"!

1. Click 5x on the SHARE button (don't forget to press the 'back/home' button to continue!)!

2. Click "CONTINUE" and claim your OPPO F9 Pro.


This offer is valid for 300 seconds.

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